Friday, May 7, 2010

25 Random Things About Me

1. I love Jesus. He is my everything. Without Him, I am nothing. I believe that with all my heart.

2. I am a birth junkie! I love watching beautiful birth videos and reading birth stories. They make me cry (in a good way). I am close to becoming certified as a birth doula and I am going to pursue midwifery. I know in my heart that is what I'm called to do.

3. I love my husband with all my heart but I hate using the term "married". I don't believe that signing a piece of paper shows that a couple is in a covenant for life.

4. I love horses, especially my sweet Mustang, Mr Manners. I love everything about horses. Training them is so fulfilling. I love riding English, especially hunter/jumper and I want to eventually compete in three day eventing.

5. I really like pizza. I could live on pizza. When there's nothing planned for dinner and my hubby suggests ordering pizza, I'm like "YES! Made my day!"

6. I hate meat in any and all form, but especially fish, or any seafood like crab, lobster, shrimp, and shellfish, etc. I HATE the smell, despise it like the plague! Blech...

7. I have a very wide range of music and TV that I like and my hubby (smart man) lets me have control of the remote and the radio. On his days off, I'll search out my favorite music videos online and make him dance along!

8. I am completely and passionately against routine circumcision, spanking, and vaccinations. I will argue against all three until the cows come home. Then, when the cows are in the barn, fed and watered, I'll argue some more! :)

9. I am an animal lover and I believe that God wants us to treat animals with respect. I have no respect for anyone who intentionally causes unnecessary harm to an animal.

10. I am a mother to seven amazing children. Three are with their Father in Heaven and four are with me here on earth. I love them all.

11. I love being pregnant and giving birth. Babies are God's sweetest creation. Motherhood is the most challenging thing I've ever been called to, but it's helping me to appreciate God's grace and love even more.

12. I am an avid gum chewer. I chew a couple (sometimes more) pieces a day. This is probably not a good thing since I have issues with jaw pain but, in the words of Jack Twist, "I wish I knew how to quit you..."

13. Shoes and lingerie are my favorite articles of clothing and I have quite a collection of both.

14. I've always enjoyed writing and have attempted to write a few books but the perfectionist in me has a hard time seeing them through to completion.

15. I really enjoy shopping. In our family, I am the "spender" and my hubby is the "saver". Together, we have a good balance.

16. I would rather watch a good TV show than a movie or read a good book instead of either. Movies bother me because it's hard to build a relationship with the characters and the plots develop too fast.

17. I enjoy being out in nature but I don't like camping. I've been there, done that for nine weeks straight. I'm so over camping!

18. I traveled all over Europe as a teenager and I want to do it again with my family someday.

19. I hate having my bare feet on the carpet. I think it's disgusting. I wear socks, slippers or flip flops all year round. When I build my dream home, there will not be a stitch of carpet in sight!

20. I detest bees, wasps, hornets, etc. If they are around, I will most likely run away screaming. I don't care if they sense fear, when they are present, my common sense goes out the window.

21. I really dislike chocolate. I have never understood how people can bite into a mushy, bitter chocolate bar. Yuck!

22. I try to live a very "earth conscious" life. I think, as a Christian, I'm supposed to be a good steward of this beautiful planet so I try to reduce, reuse, recycle as much as I can.

23. Eating healthy is important to me. I buy organic as much as I can and I avoid fast food. Ever since I watched Food, Inc. the thought of a Big Mac makes me ill...

24. I love learning how to play instruments. My next goal is to learn to play the cello. I've been searching for a used one at a good price, if you know of any, let me know!

25. I cannot stand getting up in the morning. If I'm up in time to see the sun rise, it makes me depressed cause it means I should be sleeping. Sometimes I'll stay up really late because going to bed means I have to get up in the morning (weird logic, I know)

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