Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Look, New Wardrobe, I'm..."Rockamommy"!

      Inspired by my Hubby's new "look" and wardrobe overhaul, I decided it was time for a change.  Finding something to wear had become a rather depressing task lately.  My clothes were quite old and tired looking.  I had clothes in my closet that I've been wearing since before Angel (my 8-year-old) was born!  There weren't enough pieces in my wardrobe that I liked to even consider updating it, so I made the decision to go for a full overhaul.  I went through my drawers and closet and made a pile of everything: clothes, shoes, purses, undergarments, all of it was going to be donated to charity and out of my life!  The only items I kept were my lingerie, gym clothes, swimsuit, a dress, and a few pairs of shoes to match my new look (we're getting to that).  I knew I wanted a look that I felt inspired by and one that reflected my personality and sense of style.  I thought about the favorite pieces of clothing I had and then it just clicked.  I'm a girlie-girl with a touch of tomboy. I love makeup and pink and heels and curls - feminine with a little edge. My new look is....


     Since I'm a budget-conscious woman, thrift stores are my boutiques of choice.  I went on a shopping spree of sorts and replaced my wardrobe with fabulous, second-hand items for less than one of the fantastic blazers I bought would cost brand-new!  My closet is now full of blazers, dresses, jeans, skirts, tops, sweaters, and shoes. It's amazing and is quite mood-elevating! 

      Rockabilly is mostly about separates and pieces, so most of the items are interchangeable and can be dressed "up" or "down".  Black, blue, white, and red are the main colors with a few splashes of 

other bright colors here and there.  Feminine ruffles and curves are accentuated by the sharp angles and edges of the lines and patterns in the pieces.  Here's an example of a basic, casual look (skinny jeans, printed T, and animal print flats): 

      Here's another casual look I wore to take the kids to their various activities on Wednesday (a striped long-sleeve T, skinny jeans, and canvas flats paired with a casual blazer):

      I'm very excited about my new look and wardrobe! I feel like a new woman! I'm going to really enjoy creating new looks with all my new pieces.  It's so much fun! I'll do more posts on more outfits,  rockabilly hair, and makeup. So, stay tuned! Until then, here's a pic of this Rockamommy with my Rockababy! 

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