Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Doula Journey

Ever since I was a little girl and I found out that "babies come from their mommies", I've been fascinated by pregnancy and birth. It just seemed like such an incredible, indescribable miracle that something as tiny as a period at the end of a sentence could grow into a cuddly baby in about nine months!
Over the years, my respect and awe for this amazing experience has only deepened. My own personal experiences through miscarriages, a very traumatic hospital birth, and an empowering home birth have taught me many things. They taught me that life is precious and being able to be pregnant is not something to take for granted. They taught me that my body is strong, capable, and designed to give birth. They taught me to respect the natural normality of birth. And while I believe that experience is often the best teacher, I knew that I needed more education in order to pursue a career as a doula.
I've read just about every book I can get my hands on about birth. I'm constantly researching the subject, reading articles, and talking to people about it. I can't learn enough! That's why I was so excited to start my doula course through Childbirth International.
I started taking classes online in October 08 and the curriculum is very broad and intensive. There is a lot of reading, writing, and critical thinking involved. But I love how it stretches me and I find the studies as well as my online study group invaluable!
I don't have much time to study with two little ones, a husband, and a household, but I make the time somehow and I can't wait to be certified! It will be such an accomplishment for me and a huge step in my journey!


  1. That is so cool that you are doing that... I am still keeping my options open so I will have another good experience. I think mine with Natalie was good. Did you ever hear it? Its on my blog, under the label birth storys. :)

  2. Here is a link,, in case you are interested.